Acting Roles

Motorpsycho Maniacs

aka Sex Terrorists on Wheels

  • Role: Grampa
  • Director: Stefan Ruf
  • Screen Writer: John Herndon
  • View teaser on line at

Boy's Club


  • Role: Karl
  • UT Student Project
  • Director: Eric Morton
  • Austin Premiere in 2017 Austin Comedy Short Film Festival
    • Best Dark Comedy Award
  • View on line at

         Photo by Kelly Ngo


  • Role: John
  • Director: Travis Mathews
  • World Premiere in Berlinale 2017
  • U.S. Premiere in 2017 San Francisco International Film Festival
  • Available Video On Demand at Amazon, YouTube, iTunes, Google Play, Vudu, Direct TV, etc.


  • Role: Man
  • Director: Bryce Worcester

Run Like Hell

  • Role: Old Drunk
  • UT Student Project
  • Director: Bailor Ellison

The Wild

  • Role: The Scavenger
  • Director: Carleton Ranney

Meet Me There

New World Man

  • Role: Tambourine Man
  • Director: Tom Martinez

The Savage

  • Role: Shaman
  • Director: Philip Kreyche

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  • Role: Franklin
  • Spec Commercial
  • Director: Roshan Murthy

  • View on Line at

Trials of Darksmoke

  • Role: King Miro
  • Masters of the Universe Trilogy
  • Director: John Carroll

Outward Chance

  • Role: Bartender Jim
  • Director: James Benton Moon

  • View Trailer on Line at


  • Role: The Founder
  • Director: Aaron Abolt

Bad Dad

  • Role: Grandpa Fergonsen
  • Preview Trailer
  • Director: Ben Bartley

         Photo by Jolyn Janis

Smart Kid

  • Role: Professor Peterson
  • UT Student Project
  • Director: Simon Quiroz
  • IMDb listing

  • View Trailer on Line at

Man from Orlando

  • Man from Orlando has appeared in
    • Cincinnati Film Festival
    • Lone Star Film Festival (Fort Worth)


  • Role: Grandpa
  • UT Student Project
  • Director: Roshan Murthy

  • View on Line at

Doctor's Patient Friend

  • Role: Henry
  • Director: Craig Elrod

  • View Trailer on Line at

The Photo and the Tree

  • Role: Grandpa
  • UT Student Project
  • Director: Lindsay Hejl

There was a Crooked Road:

  • Role: Bob
  • UT Student Project
  • Director: Cynthia Stein

  • There was a Crooked Road appeared in the 2009 Seguin Film & Arts Festival

God Save the Red Black and Blonde:

Sleep Therapy:

  • Role: Sleep Therapist
  • UT Student Project
  • Director: Alfredo Gomez

Not Everyone:

  • Role: Billy
  • UT Student Project
  • Director: Daniel Hill

Kitchen Ninjas Episode 1:

  • Role: Dinner Guest
  • Director: Jef Greilich

  • View Online at

Remake of March of the Penguins:

A Very Bad Day:

  • Role: Shopkeeper
  • Director: Elizabeth Reeder

One for the Road:

Two Minutes:

  • Role: Tall Bicycle Man
  • Director: Jillian Glantz

         Photo by Dan Eggleston

Mike Rides a Bike:

  • Role: Tall Bicycle Man
  • Director: Jef Greilich

  • View on Line at

         Graphic by Benjamin Reece
  • Mike Rides a Bike appeared in
    the 2007 Austin Film Festival

Bars, Bedrooms... Bukowski:

  • Roles:
       Marty in "Guts"
       The Waiter in "Strokes"
  • Director: James Cotton

Photo Shoot:

Midnight Stare music video:

  • Midnight Stare was shown in Austin Film Society's SXSW 2007 Member Showcase

The Pelican Box:

         Photo by Dan Eggleston
  • The Pelican Box premiered at
    the Short Film Corner in the
    2007 Cannes Film Festival

God Bless This Town music video:

  • Role: Country Store Owner
  • Director: Gerald Mattlock
  • Musician: Wade Bowen -

Frisbee Dan:

  • Role: Frisbee Dan
  • UT Student Project
  • Director: Chad Drakeley

Land of No Return:

  • Role: Groovy Gravy
  • Director: Derek McDaniel

         Photos by Dan Eggleston

Video Interview:

  • Television News Story with Kevin Ogle
  • KFOR, Oklahoma City

  • View Online at

Photo Shoot:

Rapid Eye Movement:

  • Role: Mom
  • Director: Jeremy Sexton
  • Rapid Eye Movement appeared in the the 2006 Pencil Head's Dusk Til Dawn Film Fest (Houston)

The Grayed Escape:

  • The Grayed Escape has appeared in
    • Chicago International Reel Shorts Film Festival
    • Indie Can Film Festival (Toronto)
    • Golden Lion Film Festival (Swaziland)
    • Big Easy Shorts Fest (New Orleans)
    • Trail Dance Film Festival (Duncan, OK) - Nominated for Best Comedy
    • Short Film Festival of India - 2nd Prize, Int'l Division
    • Foursite Film Festival (Ogden, Utah)
    • Big Island Film Fest (Waikoloa, Hawaii)
    • Delray Beach Film Festival
    • Long Island International Film Expo
    • Daytona Beach Film Festival
    • Tacoma Film Festival
    • Independence Film Festival (Pueblo, CO)
    • Flint Film Festival (Michigan)
    • Rockport Film Festival (Texas) - Best Student Film
    • Dam Short Film Festival (Boulder City, NV)
    • Beloit International Film Festival (WI)

Oro Dugoo:

  • Role: Cafe Guy
  • Director: Lee Jefferson

On the Spot in Austin:

  • Role: Actor in Improvisation
  • Improv Pilot for Austin Community Television
  • Original Broadcast in the Fall 2004 Season (Sixteen Weeks)
  • Director: Erik Mauck -

  • Several episodes are viewable online at


  • Role: Old Man
  • Director: Seamus Rail

Tank 47:

Work for Food:

  • Role: Homeless Man
  • UT Student Project
  • Director: David Tillman

        Photo by Kirk Lansdon


  • RUNNER-UP - Final Round of the 2003 24-hour New York Midnight Madness Film Festival
  • Official Selection of the 2004 Ragamuffin Film Festival (Austin)

Alas, Poor Yorick!:

  • Role: High Tribunal Judge
  • Director: Jonny Stranger
  • IMDb listing

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